Wednesday, 1 March 2017


Snowy view of Ulcombe


Helen Anderson parish clerk
16 Chaplin Drive
TN27 9TN
Tel: 01622 891945
Text: 07944 668802
Peter Titchener chairman
Tel: 01622 843655
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Ulcombe in the snow 2010

Welcome to Ulcombe Parish Council’s website. We hope that you will find it easy to use and full of helpful information relating to the work of the council and items of interest to the area. 

For queries please refer to the clerk’s contact details shown opposite.

Please note that minutes of  meetings will not be posted on the website until they are approved by the parish council at the following meeting but will be displayed as soon as possible after that. Agendas for forthcoming meetings are also displayed 6 days prior to the meeting on the village noticeboard. A copy of the latest minutes is available for inspection on the noticeboard outside Ulcombe Primary School.

The image above shows the Ulcombe Village Sign at our recreation ground.

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